Egg Holder for Refrigerator

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Product Name - Egg Holder for Refrigerator

Package Contain - Pack of 1

?Vent Design?: The two sides of the box body of the egg storage container are hollowed out, which can promote the air circulation between the inside and outside of the box. It also comes with a date reminder, allowing you to pay attention to the egg storage situation at any time to prevent the egg from spoiling. ?Anti-squeeze Collision?: The inside of the egg holder for fridge is in the shape of a long groove, which fits perfectly with the curve of the egg. Putting the eggs in the box can prevent the eggs from rolling or breaking, which can better protect your eggs and no longer have to worry about egg damage. ?Large Capacity?: 18-20 eggs can be placed on one layer of our egg tray for refrigerator, which is enough to meet your egg storage needs. In addition, it can also be stacked and stored to help you save more family space. 

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Egg Holder for Refrigerator
Egg Holder for Re...
Rs. 695.00