Car Jump Starter Emergency Heavy Duty Jumper 3.6M Cables Battery 600A

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  • Red PVC coating / black cable to good conduction
  • Resistant, anti-corrosion, alligator clips
  • Intended for large vehicles with starter battery 600 A max.
  • Wire Length 3.6 m
  • Super insulator, security


  • Size:Approx.290mm*290mm*50mm
  • Material:Metal +Rubber
  • Battery ride FireWire how to connect?
    (1) first started in the 'rescued car' red battery positive cable clamp over the red line.
    Red wire clamp (2) and the other end in the red battery cathode 'rescue vehicle' is over.
    (3) the black wire clamp in the 'rescued car' black negative battery.
    (4) Then the black wire clamp in the 'rescue vehicle' black negative battery.
    (5) Start the 'rescue vehicle' of the engine, then start 'rescued cars' engines. If it is found rescued car still does not start, check the metal contact portion is bad. When completed to start the engine, remove the starter remains in order to take the line of fire, or they may cause a short circuit.
  • Battery ride FireWire removal procedure:
    (1) First, the "rescued car" black wire lowered.
    (2) then "rescue vehicle" black wire lowered.
    (3) Then 'rescue vehicle' red wire lowered.
    (4) Finally, the "rescued car 'red wire lowered.

Package Includes:

1xEmergency car battery FireWire


  • Precautions during use:
  • 1, in strict accordance with the operating steps to ensure the battery cable polarity is correct.
  • 2. Check voltage marking two battery, ensure that the same two voltage battery.
  • 3. Close all the car load, the neutral gear position, pull the gate to get started, start the engine.
  • 4, if the battery has frozen, you can not use the battery take the line of fire.
  • 5, operation, two cars can not have any contact.
  • 6. The battery produces explosive gases! Wear protective goggles when installing cables, prohibit smoking in the vicinity of the vehicle.
  • 7, if the battery acid in the inadvertent leakage, contact with skin or eyes, immediately flush with water and consult a doctor.

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Car Jump Starter Emergency Heavy Duty Jumper 3.6M Cables Battery 600A
Car Jump Starter ...
Save -50% Rs. 7,455.59 Rs. 14,911.19