5A MPPT Solar Panel Controller DC-DC Step-down CC/CV Charging Module Display LED

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-5A constant current and voltage non-isolated buck module, compact design, small size and high conversion efficiency, up to 95%.
-Has turn light control and charge indicator: red light on when charging, green light on when full charging, convenient to observe the state of charge.
-With LED voltmeter, press the button for 3 seconds to switch among input/output voltage and output current and output power; press for 5 seconds to turn on/off the voltmeter.
- With MTTP control, the setting range is 6-36V; Effectively shorten the time when charge battery by solar panel, the constant current function effectively protect battery from over-charging.
-With short circuit and over temperature protection; Can be used to drive large power LED, charge battery, as a vehicle power supply to charge mobile phone or a variety of digital products, etc.


Module property: Non-isolated buck module (BUCK)
Input voltage: 6-36V
Output voltage:1.25-32V continuously adjustable (default 5V)
MPPT voltage setting range: 6-36V
Output current range: 0.05-5A (default 3A)
Turn lights output range: 0.01-5A (default 0.3A)
Operating temperature: -40 to + 85 degrees
Operating frequency: 180KHz
Conversion efficiency: up to 95% (efficiency is related with input voltate,output voltage,current and voltage difference)
Short circuit protection: Yes
Over temperature protection:Yes (automatically shut off the output after overtemperature)
Input reverse polarity protection: None, (if necessary, please add a diode)
Output anti-irrigation protection: None, the output must be connected to the battery plus blocking diode, otherwise it will burn the module!
Charge indicator: light red when charging, full of green light. Turn light detection mode for current. In the use of solar panels powered, the sun is very small charge current, lower than the current, the same will be a green light, but this time is not full, please pay attention to distinguish. For live header will more directly see the charging current.
Installation: 3mm screws(4)
Size:60x31x22 mm(L xWx H)

Package Includes:

1 piece MPPT 5A DC buck converter


The current detection module is the low-end testing, please do not directly connect the input negative with the output negative!

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5A MPPT Solar Panel Controller DC-DC Step-down CC/CV Charging Module Display LED
5A MPPT Solar Pan...
Save -50% Rs. 2,805.88 Rs. 5,611.76