12V 24V 48V 20A DC Motor Speed Controller (PWM) Adjustable Driver Switch MACH3 DC speed Governor 12-50V Overcurrent Protection

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-The governor is designed for motion control card (such as MACH3, USBCNC or PLC) to control the DC motor.
-The governor can be combined with a variety of motion control cards and PLC to achieve control. You can also manually control the motor independently.
-By setting, it can match different types of DC brushed motor(the voltage 12V-50VDC, current less than 15A, power within 600W), to control the speed of DC motor.
-Overcurrent protection, locked-rotor protection, alarm output function, short-circuit protection, status indicating function.


1. Power input range: DC: 12-50V.
2. By setting, you can support a variety of parameters of the motor. Adjust OC-ADJ-T for potentiometer match. Maximum matching current 20A.
3. In the manual control of the motor independently, you can set the control of the motor through the PWM base frequency, the base frequency of 3 files, jump cap short side of the left two pins are 2.1KHZ, short the right two feet is 2.9KHZ, 3 Feet are not short-circuit is 11.1KHZ. The default is at 2.9KHZ.
4. There are two control methods: through the jumper switch to control whether to manually control the motor or external PWM signal control card or PLC to control the motor.
5. With alarm output function. In the motor stall, you can send a signal to the control card or PLC, so that the control card or PLC to do the shutdown and other related actions.
6. With power indicator, stall/overcurrent alarm indicator function.
7. Independent manual control of the motor can adjust the corresponding potentiometer on the governor to control the motor speed.
8. Enter the interface specifications. The internal blocking resistor is 330 ohms and is connected to the PLC. To connect a 1.5-2.7K ohm resistor in series. Then MACH3 and other 5V level of the motion control card can be directly connected.
9. Alarm output interface specifications: drive current up to 12MA.
10. Ultra-high power control. The maximum 20A is recommended not to exceed 15A current.

Package Includes:

1 Piece DC Motor Governor

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12V 24V 48V 20A DC Motor Speed Controller (PWM) Adjustable Driver Switch MACH3 DC speed Governor 12-50V Overcurrent Protection
12V 24V 48V 20A D...
Save -50% Rs. 5,074.76 Rs. 10,149.53