Portable Drone Detector Briefcase for Tracking Detecting Position of Drones & Pilot UAV Locating Monitor Platform System

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Portable Drone Detector Briefcase for Tracking Detecting Position of Drones & Pilot UAV Locating Monitor Platform System

Main Functions
* Detection and identification: detects and identifies most famous brand & modelson current market.
Trajectory tracking and display: the real-time flight trajectory can be displayed on the GIS map;
Position display: the position of the remote controller can be tracked and displayed, and the location
information can be updated in real time;
Detailed information monitoring:  the detailed information of drones and remote controller sbe displayed in real time, including: drone ID, frequency, latitude and longitude, model, altitude, height, remote controller latitude and longitude, distance between the device and the remote controller (or the distance between the drone and the reference point) and other information;
* Sole identity: for each drone, it can identify its unique S/N number;
* Black and white list:  distinguish between “friend” and “foe”, it will not alarm when a “friend” drone is detected, a “friend” or “foe” can be tagged (only support D-J-I series drones);
* Intrusion alarm: when the device detects a drone intrusion, an audible and/orvisual alarm is performed;
* Map operation: 
support online map and local map;
* Map types:
support a variety of digital maps, including AutoNavi, Bing, Baidu, Google, etc.;
* Historic data playback:
record and playback of historic drone trajectories, model, remote controller location and home point and other information;
* Data record query:
user can query the historic data of the drones detected according to the time period;
* Data statistics:
historical drone detection data statistics and graphical analysis;
* Drone swarm tracking:
multiple drones can be tracked at the same time and different dronetrajectories are displayed with different colors;
* Multi-device networking:
multiple devices can access the back-end management platform at the same time for unified device management and data management, and can merge the detection results of multiple devices (including drones, pilots, and trajectories).
Main Features
* Portable design, suitcase style, easy to carry and move;
* Passive detection, no signal emission, environmentally friendly;
* Real-time monitoring of drone signals in the surroundings to provide warning of drone intrusion in advance;
* Dual-power supply design, can be powered by batteries or external source, which can adapt to a variety of scenarios;
* Detachable battery allows for quick replacement;
* Interfaces for external keyboard and mouse;
* Online or offline upgrades;
* Works offline or online;
* Touch screen for easy operation;
* Quick deployment, ready to use in seconds;
* Self-diagnosis for quick troubleshooting;
* Cabinet for antenna storage when the device is off duty.

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Portable Drone De...
Save -50% Rs. 10,655,922.96 Rs. 21,279,600.50